Charity partner profile |  Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

As a charitable, not-for-profit organisation the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF) aims to raise money to improve public health education, research and care for the Gold Coast region.

Some of the aims of the GCHF include:

  • To identify and purchase medical aids and equipment.
  • To undertake community awareness programs
  • Music therapy for patients and patient relaxation havens
  • Accommodation for families of trauma patients
  • To partner with Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services, and the Gold Coast Hospital

How does Southport Sharks support the GCHF?

Southport Sharks has reached an incredible $200,000 milestone with its financial support of the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation since commencing the partnership in 2011. Through our membership program, the funding has assisted with various community projects.

Lung function testing unit for preschoolers

Funding supports for the Gold Coast’s first lung function testing unit for preschoolers, a state-of-the-art diabetes analyser, rehabilitation equipment, digital therapy equipment in the Children’s Emergency Department.

iSimulate for the training of Emergency Staff

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation was recently able to purchase a very important piece of equipment for the training of Emergency Staff, iSimulate, thanks to a contribution of $5,369 from Southport Sharks’ commitment to donating funds to the community.

“The iSimulate training system is a real-time education unit used to train Emergency Department clinicians.  It allows staff to practice responses to trauma and other difficult cases that require teamwork and timeliness in an environment similar to real life.  These scenarios can help identify inefficiencies or weaknesses in the system, knowledge gaps in individuals as well as building relationships within and between departments. It has been estimated as part of our research…approximately 2400 patients will benefit from the training our staff will receive using this system” – Joe Hanlon, Business Development Manager, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation