Personal Training Workshop Series

Sharks Fitness Centre is excited to bring you a series of transformative workshops designed to take your fitness journey to the next level. Our expert-lead personal trainers will help you master gym equipment, enhance your workout techniques, and achieve your fitness aspirations with confidence.

Our first series of workshops will focus on Lower Body training, offering a comprehensive exploration of techniques, exercises, and equipment specifically designed to strengthen and sculpt your lower body.

Workshop 1: Lower Body | April 8th to May 5th

Get introduced to pin-loaded machines targeting compound muscle groups, learn about primary lifts and movements, and focus on equipment usage and technique.

Craft a motion or sports-specific plan (e.g., transverse or lateral movements). Focus on isolation exercises, such as hamstring curls or quad extensions post-heavy lifting for hypertrophy training.

Master the art of integrating both machines and free weights into your leg routine, or learn to seamlessly alternate between the two for a well-rounded workout.

Learn to boost workout intensity and volume by increasing sets and reps, adjusting weights, varying workout frequency, and minimising rest between sets for significant improvement.

Workshop Times
Mondays // 5:30PM with PT Clayton
Tuesdays // 9:30AM with PT Ben
Thursdays // 5:30AM with PT Clayton

These workshops are completely free for Fitness Centre Members. Non-members are welcome to attend for $20.

Spaces are limited, bookings can be made via the membership portal up to 2 days before the workshop. Alternatively, you can call our front desk on 07 5591 5800 or visit our team in person.

*Terms and conditions apply. Only a maximum of 5 people can attend each session. Both members and guests need to book in advance to attend the workshop. Bookings can be made via the Member 360 portal or directly at the fitness centre front desk. Bookings can only be made up to 2 days before the scheduled workshop. $20 payment is required for non-members attending.