We are pleased to announce our partnership with Sports Environment Alliance (SEA).

Sports Environment Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation, with a purpose of protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Australasia by promoting sustainability, sustainable development, regeneration, and use of resources.

With sport and the community at our core, we strive to make a change that benefits our community into the future, and we are thrilled to partner with an organisation, such as SEA, that shares the same values.

We have implemented various initiatives to help the environment and community over the years including recycling all plastic drink containers, the installation of a Pulpmaster system to recycle organic waste, the use of recycled water and bore water to irrigate football ovals, and more.

Focusing on implementing sustainability initiatives throughout all areas of our business is important to us.

“From the replacement of plastic room keys to bamboo-made room keys in our hotel, through to offering un-serviced room rates to give hotel guests the option of not having sheets and towels replaced, we aim to make changes that not only benefit our environment but also guide our community towards making better choices.” – Dean Bowtell, CEO.

SEA CEO Katherine O’Regan said, “We are excited to see one of Queensland’s biggest clubs leading by example when it comes to sport and planet matters, and we look forward to supporting them on their sustainability journey,”.

We look forward to this partnership with SEA and having their ongoing support.

Learn more about SEA and the work they do HERE.