Nyssa Ray

Nyssa Ray is a well-kept secret in the world of folk and pop singer-songwriters. Her unique blend of dreamy vocals upon laid back guitar, solid percussion and enthralling piano will take you on a moving journey, whether it be on an original song she has written, performed and produced herself, or on her particular interpretation of a cover track. We got to know her a little better before her acoustic session at Cabana Bar & Lounge.

How would you describe your sound?
Acoustic folk/pop/rock

What inspires your music?
Love, freedom, struggle and other musicians.

Do you consider music to be an art of expression and what is your take on this?
Yes, whether a song or musical work is commercial and of a popular genre or so abstract only relating to a narrow audience, music is written to express emotions. Listening to music evokes emotions. To reach an audience, music is only successful if it expresses something.

What advice would you give to upcoming local bands?
Don’t stop filling your repertoire with great songs. Practice and rehearse so a gig doesn’t morph into “paid practice”. Your audience don’t want to see you practice!

Have you had any stage bloopers?
I was talking on the mic and taking my guitar off my shoulder and hit my noise right on the bridge (…of course I said something I shouldn’t have while my eyes began to water). I was so embarrassed with the fact I simply hit myself my in the face in front of 100 people!

Catch Nyssa’s acoustic session at Cabana Bar & Lounge from 5pm on Friday, 9 November.

As always, this acoustic session is free and non-members are welcome to attend.