Southport Sharks Health and Fitness members

SSH+F has amazing members and some of those who have inspired us to share their stories are mother/daughter workout partners. We recently spoke with two lovely families about how they feel working out with each other.

What do you love about exercising together as a family?

Keating-Puia family: Work and life can generally become very busy so we find our time exercising as being productive and fun – Poppy

Edwards family: I have always been excited about the prospect of training at the gym with Laura and Kate and it’s great that Sharks allows us to do that. Having the three of us as members helps our motivation if one of us is having a ‘down day’ – Jane

Who motivates who in your family when it’s gym day?

Keating-Puia family: Manaia and I are generally the motivators. I give them an option of which group class they’d like to attend and we smash it! – Poppy

Edwards family: Mum always encourages us to come with her…we think she’s addicted! – Laura & Kate.

Would you recommend to other families to join our SSH+F, and why?

Keating-Puia family: I’d highly recommend the SSH+F as they have affordable plans with no lengthy contract, and most of all there’s a variety of classes and plenty of exercise equipment on offer. – Poppy

Edwards family: It’s great that Sharks caters for 14 years+ and that there’s a big variety of classes for all ages. Some days Laura prefers going on the treadmill while Kate and I thrash it out in a cycling class…there’s always something depending on how we are feeling on that day. And, of course the staff and instructors are always friendly, helpful, and great fun…who wouldn’t want to go to Sharks gym! – Jane

Southport Sharks Health and Fitness members

Keating-Puia family: Poppy and daughters Kyra and Manaia, all joined together in August 2016.

Southport Sharks Health and Fitness members

Edwards family: Jane joined SSH+F in January 2015, with her eldest daughter Laura joining in April 2016 and daughter Kate signing up in September 2016, once she was old enough.


If you would like to introduce your family to group fitness classes or training on the gym floor, visit the friendly and experienced staff at SSH+F. Children are welcome to join our fitness centre from 14-years of age.