Bidfood is proud to be the food supplier for Southport Sharks and has been providing the venue’s food for over 20 years. The company is a major partner of the men’s and women’s teams.

During the year, Bidfood Gold Coast Brand Manager – Jason Tatnell and Bidfood Gold Coast Sales Area Manager – Brett Kidgel attended a Southport Sharks VFL Thursday Night training session.

After the training session, they sat in the selection and opposition analysis team meeting and then had dinner with the players.

“It was a fantastic night,” Tatnell said.

The theme for the team meeting was how important it was to be united as a team, which is an area Bidfood pride themselves on.

“It is critical for us to be united as a business and work as a team. Just like a football team, we can’t let one part of our game down. We must work as one.”

Bidfood provides food products to businesses such as cafes and restaurants through to large clubs, pubs, retirement homes and hospitals.

Tatnell said, “It doesn’t matter what organisation we work for – customer service is number one. We want to be fast and reliable.”

Southport’s Chief Operations Officer Chris Jones said, “Bidfood are definitely a leader in food service.”

“Bidfood are at the forefront of delivering new products and finding menu solutions for our broad range of outlets and are very prompt in their support.”

“They have helped us offer a wide variety of food options at high scale at the quality and savings our members and guests expect.”

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