Southport Sharks Health + Fitness Winter Wellness Tips

The colder months can make it easy to lose routine and become stagnant. Southport Sharks Health + Fitness would like to share their tips to stay on track with your fitness journey throughout Winter and to maintain both physical and mental wellness.

  1. Get Outside
    Winter temperatures can make it tempting to stay inside, however for the mind and body it’s important to get outside and gain your daily vitamin D by exposing your skin to daylight. This is vital to assist in keeping your immune system and bones healthy. It also helps to regulate your mood and quality of sleep.
  1. Get in your Greens
    It’s time to reach for those dark leafy greens! Spinach, kale and silverbeet are a few examples that are a great source of vitamins and minerals – vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium – to help keep your body healthy through the winter months.
  1. Boost your Vitamin C
    Vitamin C helps keep your immune system healthy and assists reduce the length and severity of colds. On a daily basis, be sure to consume plenty of foods rich in vitamin C to notice the benefits. Stock up on oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit and papayas which are packed with natural vitamin C.
  2. Be Mindful of your Fluid Intake
    The colder Winter air has low humidity that tends to dry out your skin and agitate your throat and nose. To combat this, increase fluid intake. We suggest fresh juices, which The Café has a range of – Tropical Green (apple, pineapple, orange, celery, kale), Feel Good (carrot, celery, apple, beetroot & ginger) + Citrus Oasis (pineapple, orange, lemon, cucumber, fresh mint). They are all boasting with vitamins and nutrients!
  1. Don’t Skip Your Workouts
    Motivation can be difficult this time of year with shorter daylight hours it’s tempting to rush home after work and snuggle up, rather than sweat it out at the gym. Keep on it, add some extra fun by organising a workout or step challenge with friends, family members, or co-workers to ensure you are not slacking on your physical activity.