Win Your Wedding Lilly, Stevie Anne, Wayne & Kristie

Stevie Anne & Wayne Harvey were the lucky couple who won their wedding! They will enjoy their dream day at Sharks on Saturday, 6 April on our picturesque village green. Amongst the craziness that is organising a wedding, we managed to speak to the couple about their upcoming big day.

What made you decide to enter?
Stevie Anne:
Wayne and I had been saving for our dream wedding for quite some time, however in June 2017 we found out there was less than 1% chance of conceiving a baby naturally. From this moment, we decided to prioritise commencing a specialised IVF treatment. After six months and three rounds of IVF, we finally had good news that we were expecting! I really didn’t think life could get much better than that moment… but it did!

Wayne: After our engagement, we decided we would stay engaged until we could eventually afford a small wedding ceremony. We even discussed opting for signing the marriage papers in a courthouse, so we could all have the same last name before our daughter started school. However, a part of us didn’t want to settle as it had always been a dream of ours to have a proper wedding. Once I heard about the #marrymesharks competition on the radio, we hoped that by entering we had the slightest chance of bringing our dream to life.

For those who may not have seen your entry, can you describe the video and how you felt in that moment?
Stevie Anne: Our entry captures the moment at our pregnancy gender reveal party when Wayne and I popped a big black balloon which contained the colour confetti of the gender of our miracle baby. We popped the balloon and I turned around to cuddle my mum, when I turned back around Wayne was on one knee holding an engagement ring box. In this moment, I went into shock… not only was I having a baby girl, I was being asked to marry the love of my life! Moments do not get much better than that – I have never experienced such pure happiness.

What does this mean to you both?
Stevie Anne: It means absolutely everything to us! Winning this competition has changed our lives and changed our daughter’s life. As cliché as it sounds, this has been a dream come true. To be able to marry the love of my life, start a family and experience my dream day with all our family and friends is simply incredible. We are beyond grateful and appreciative.

Can we have a sneak peek into a few details you’re considering for the wedding working with the suppliers involved?
Wayne: The suppliers have been fantastic in allowing and encouraging us to incorporate our style into finer details. They are really are helpful and are focused on genuinely making this our dream day which is more than we could ask for.

Stevie Anne: We love the idea of having a garden wedding, so we have been speaking with W Events Styling about basing our theming around this by using colours such as dusty pinks, ivory and white. We really want the wedding theming and details to be classy and pretty. We are opting for a modern-take on a traditional wedding with modernising a few details such as cake flavours. There Must Be Cake are going to make us an amazing 3-tier cake – bottom tier a chocolate mud (my favourite), middle tier a salted caramel (Wayne’s favourite) and the top tier being cookies & cream (both our favourite).

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?
Stevie Anne: I am so excited about walking down the aisle in my beautiful wedding dress, with my dad by my side, my best friends leading the way, to the love of my life in front of all our family and friends. I absolutely cannot wait to experience this moment.

Wayne: I am most excited about seeing all of the planning come together and most importantly be able to officiate my love for Stevie Anne in front of all of our family and friends.

If you too are beginning to plan your special day, visit our weddings page to see our facilities and packages. Alternatively, you may speak to Sharks Events Centre’s Special Events Co-Ordinator, Lilly Mann by calling (07) 5532 1155 or completing Sharks Event Centre online enquiry form.