SSHF Tips Summer Wellness

The holiday period is known as a time of indulgence, and although the team at Sharks Fitness are partial to a slice of pavlova or pudding at Christmas, we still keep strong and healthy! Follow our top tips for Summer wellness:

  1. Add extra nutrients to your smoothies
    Smoothies are a great way to get your vitamins and nutrients, sometimes without even tasting them! A smoothie that is always a winner: almond milk, frozen bananas, berries, a scoop of organic protein powder and a handful of ice. Add in a handful of spinach, kale and some chia seeds to increase your greens and fibre intake.
  1. Infuse your water with fruit and herbs
    It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer heat and it’s easy to over-do it with artificially flavoured drinks. A great alternative is to infuse water with fruits and herbs. Doing so naturally flavours your water and it’s so refreshing – SSH+F favourites are strawberries, mint and lime.
  1. Ask a SSH+F personal trainer for a holiday program
    Going away for the holiday period? No excuses! Ask one of our friendly personal trainers for takeaway exercises to do on holiday. You’ll thank yourself when you get home and our trainers may even be able to design a program to include the kids. We recommend to schedule workouts for early morning or evening when the sun is not as hot.


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