Roftop Bar and FINS Cellar Gin

An explosion of micro distilleries, gin bars and the increase of boutique gins in the marketplace in recent years seem to indicate a definite trend emerging in the marketplace. Unlike it’s more popular cousin – vodka, which seemed to hog the limelight of the 90s and noughties, gin is finally getting its day in the sun, with more and more punters discovering the spicy or fruity undertones.

Industry leaders put the trend down to an increase of mixologists and bartenders experimenting with each brand more in their signature cocktail lists. The liquid is easy to manipulate and play with, as it is usually made from a grain with complicated botanical notes paired with strong juniper flavours – perfect for layering with floral or citrus elements.

In New South Wales, Husk Distillers are currently enjoying a boom in product demand, after actress Margot Robbie was pictured on the Gold Coast holding a glass of Ink Gin, a blue gin that turns pink when mixed with tonic due to the infusion of the pH sensitive butterfly pea flower. Originally specialising in rum distillation (a slow process due to the time rum takes to fully mature), gin became a more efficient side project for Husk, as it simply needs to be bottled and sold.

You can get a wide range of gins from FINS Cellar, with INK Gin, Tanquerey 10, Gordon’s London Pink Gin, Bombay Sapphire, Archie Rose Dry Gin.

Top Tips for Tasting:

  • Taste gin straight and at ‘old room temperature’ (about 12-15°C)
  • Swill it around your mouth – good gin will have a forceful warmth, but no burn. The notes that produce the burn sensation should be removed in the distillation process.
  • Add a splash of cold water, then sip and swish it around your mouth. The water encourages the release of the botanical flavours, as the oils are dispersed in the water.
  • Taste it as you drink and explore all of the flavours. Gins are juniper-based and have botanicals overlaid, which can be quite diverse. As a general rule, you’ll find cucumber notes in Martin Miller’s and Hendrick’s, spice in Williams GB and citrus in Tanqueray 10.

Aviary Rooftop Bar has a sophisticated selection of gin’s – speak with our bartenders who can guide you on the unique gins available.


 Roftop Bar and FINS Cellar Gin