Congratulations to Mantra at Sharks Hotel Finance & Revenue Manager – Sara Smith who won the 2023 Golden Shark Award.

The 2023 Golden Shark Award has been presented to Sara Smith, in recognition of her dedication to the Shark Values in her role as Finance & Revenue Manager at The Mantra at Sharks Hotel.

Sara started her journey at Sharks in 2015, working in the main club café, helping out in events and learning her way through the finance department over the years.

In a testament to her dedication, Sara was honoured with the Silver Shark Award in 2017 after just two years at the club. Her career trajectory then took her to Box Café, adjacent to the Mantra at Sharks Hotel in 2018, before joining the Hotel team as a Guest Service Agent in 2021.

In 2022, she became the Finance & Administration Coordinator at the Hotel. With her remarkable progression in the role, a promotion was awarded to Sara in early 2023 to Finance & Revenue Supervisor, then swiftly followed by her current position as Finance & Revenue Manager at the Hotel.

Sara was one of the nine employees to receive a Silver Shark Award, alongside: Alex Rennison, Emiko Hefford, George Abraham, Jonny Widgery, Lachlan Salmond, Mayce Hammond, Melanie Imber, and Rebekah Oakes.

In honour of receiving the Golden Shark Award, Sara will have her name added to the honour board in the main foyer. From all of us at Sharks, thank you for your contribution to our Club over the years.

Congratulations Sara!