Congratulations to Duty Manager – Stuart Hunter who won the 2022 Golden Shark Award

The 2022 Golden Shark Award has been presented to Stuart Hunter, Duty Manager. This award recognises a team member who is dedicated to their role and displays the Sharks Values.

He was nominated by his peers describing him as “An extremely reliable and level-headed employee when dealing with a diverse range of issues. He works some of the toughest shifts within the club and never complains.”

Stuart started his journey at Sharks back in 2009 as a Team Leader in Gaming. Prior to this, he was fortunate enough to work in various careers and industries from Policing to the building industry, and not-for-profits, before returning to the Gold Coast after 10 years abroad.

He enjoys the challenges and the variety the role offers him. “Usually when I am busy it means that something has gone wrong whether there has been a security incident, equipment failure, medical emergency, or just staff needing some advice.” It’s a fast-paced environment so quick decision making on the run is needed.

When we asked Stuart what it meant to win, he said “Honestly, I was so surprised. Any of the Silver Sharks winners would have been worthy. They are all great examples of people that are focused and hard working. It’s always nice to think that what you are doing day to day is appreciated, so to get this recognition was humbling.”

Stuart was one of nine employees to receive a Silver Shark Award, alongside: Adriana Pin (Fitness Centre), Alister Howard (Grounds), Steve Klyne (Gaming), Berni Roberts (Hotel), Neo Yu (Kitchen), Karen Swiney (Catering), Mark Laemchalad (Events), and Tyler MacDonald (Beverage).

CEO Dean Bowtell said “Stuart has been a great role model in his department and we are proud of the contribution he’s made to this club.

The Golden Shark recipient has their name added to the honour board in the foyer and also receives a travel voucher for their recognition. When asked how he would spend it, Stuart responded “This one isn’t just my decision, Rennae will have some ideas, I’m sure. Whatever it is we will make sure it is used well. It could be a local stay or a trip away and will depend on our fur baby, Bindy. We might suffer a little separation anxiety!”

From all of us at Sharks, thank you for your contribution to our club over the years.

Congratulations Stuart!