Sunset City Band

We chat with Australian band Sunset City

Sunset City band members are Parker Rose, Rob Johnson, Matt Scully and Brendan Ramnath create a unique blend of alternative and electronic with a pop sensibility. They are taking over the Australian music scene with their infectious energy and cutting-edge sound. We love their upbeat summer tune ‘Forget It All’ featuring Samantha Jade that’s guaranteed to get you dancing!

Last year was a big year for Sunset City with a national tour and the release of a third single ‘Take My Hours’. We caught up with lead vocalist, Parker Rose before their performance at Southport Sharks.

Congratulations on a successful 2019. What was the inspiration behind the song ‘Pockets‘?

It’s a funny story actually! I was at a bar in Hong Kong and as soon as I walked in the door, this gorgeous girl approached me and was super flirty. I talked to her for around 20-minutes, so naturally I thought I was a great conversationalist. I went inside to buy us drinks and when I went to pay, I put my hand in my pockets and couldn’t find any of my money. I went back outside to find her and she was gone – I realised I had been played! The guys found it hilarious so we started singing about it over the music we had been working on. 

How did you guys get together as a band?

It happened by chance in 2015. I was a solo musician, looking for a backup guitarist/singer. I found Matt through a friend and during a rehearsal at his studio his friend Rob jammed with us. It’s been us three ever since as Sunset City!

Where can we can hear your music?

You can find our music videos on YouTube and our music on Sunset City’s Spotify.

Southport Sharks gig date

Catch Sunset City’s performance on our main stage from 8.30pm on Friday , 10 January 2020.

As always, this show is free and non-members are welcome to attend.