Fee, Justin & Cheryl Southport Sharks Staff Anniversary

Southport Sharks is proud to have a hard-working team of employees behind it, enabling the club to progress and evolve year after year.

Human Resources Manager, Ann-Maree O’Neill says “we treat all our Team Members with fairness and respect, and acknowledge their achievements which in turn has resulted in many Team Members staying with the Club for over 20-years. They have experienced many changes within the workplace, and consequently understand what works and what doesn’t”.

Southport Sharks Board of Directors, managements and staff congratulate these employees on reaching this milestone.

Below are the eight employees explaining what it means to them to have worked at Sharks for 20-years.

“I have had the privilege of working at Southport Sharks for nearly 20-years. In that time, I have been honoured with working amongst some amazing people“ – Fee Masters (Beverage)

“When I first started at the Sharks as an employee it was only to be for a few months but I soon became very attached to the club, along with its staff and patrons.  Once I got myself involved in promotions, I was never going to leave!” – Wally Scott (Promotions)

”It has certainly been a pleasure to have worked in such a friendly and warm team environment these last two decades…To see the Club evolve into a benchmark player in the QLD Club industry during my tenure has been most gratifying and rewarding. I would like to thank management and directors for their help, support, and good sense to employ me back in ‘98. So many highlights as an avid AFL fan but the standout for me is the wonderful people who have shared the bundy clock with me and the awesome lifelong friendships I have made with many” – Justin Bugg (Gaming)

“I think most long serving employees will say they are still working for Sharks because of their fellow workmates. It’s a home away from home… always someone to share your highs and lows with and make long lasting friendships.  I have been involved with Sharks since May 1980 and have watched the club grow to what it is today” – Cheryl Langford (Finance)

“In the twenty years that I have worked at Sharks I have seen a lot of great expansion and change within the Club… But the most memorable aspect of our workplace is the people… All the wonderful people I have worked with and have been given support from makes coming to work so enjoyable” – Mary Gardiner (Wobbygongs)

“I’ve met some great people, staff and patrons, and made some lifelong friends along the way. In some ways it’s been like one big extended family.” – Elizabeth Greene (Keno)

“I have enjoyed working with many of the staff that have come and gone whilst watching the club grown and change over 20 years” – Sharyn Keating (Kitchen)

“From how the club used to be, to what it is today, especially with the hotel, it’s truly amazing the difference 20 years has made… I don’t plan on retiring until I’m 75!”- Karen Payne-Armstrong (Café)

If you are interested in becoming a part of our supportive, rewarding team, check out the careers page.