Are you up for the challenge? Get ready because outdoor classes are back at Sharks Fitness Centre with Outdoor Warriors!

Push yourself to the limits in this 30-minute class that incorporates all the best elements of circuit training while also enjoying the outdoors. 

Some of the exercises included are:

  • Tyre Flips: Great for building strength and endurance in your arms, legs and core.
  • Hill Runs: Builds endurance and increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Agility Ladder: Helps improve your balance, coordination and agility.
  • Sandbag Carry: Helps build strength in your legs, arms and back.
  • Cone Drills: Helps enhance agility, coordination and speed. 

This class is a great way to get fit, have fun and challenge yourself in a new way. 

Not currently a member of Sharks Fitness Centre? Experience over 100 + Group Fitness classes for only $14.95 per week! Speak to our friendly reception team to join in on the fun today.