Southport Sharks and Headspace Community Partnership

Southport Sharks strives to remain true to its heritage; an organisation built on community spirit. Sharks is pleased to welcome the introduction of headspace Southport as a community partner, allowing members to nominate their contribution to go towards improving mental health support for our youth.

Dean Bowtell, Southport Sharks CEO, recognises the challenges young people are facing particularly with mental and physical heath. With this vision he sought to find a charity partner in this field who closely aligns with Sharks’ vision and values.

“Growing up on the Gold Coast and working within the hospitality industry, I understand the challenges mental health poses to young individuals. Mental health does not discriminate, and with increasing awareness being raised through sporting professionals, partnering with headspace Southport is one I personally feel will benefit our community” – Dean Bowtell, Southport Sharks CEO.

Steve Hackette, Partnerships Manager – headspace Southport, explains how headspace began in 2006 to address a critical gap, by providing tailored and holistic mental health support to 12 to 25-year olds. There is a focus on early intervention, working with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives – to help get them back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future.

“Headspace Southport has been operating for 10-years, offering free mental health support to young people on the Gold Coast, who access the service from as far north as Yatala down to Currumbin in the south and everywhere between” – Steve Hackette, Partnerships Manager – headspace Southport.

The main aim of headspace Southport is to provide a safe, accessible and supportive place that encourages young people (and their families) to seek help when going through tough times, including general health and mental health concerns, relationships, education pressures and work responsibilities.

Recent research conducted by headspace nationally indicates that many young people feel increasing levels of stress as they come to the end of their schooling education and move out into further education, apprenticeships and the workplace.

“There is also evidence that a significant number of highly motivated young people who enjoy sport will train very hard to improve their physical fitness levels. At headspace, we like to remind people that ‘minds need training too’ in order to reach optimum mental health and maintain a well-balanced life. Who better to partner with then Southport Sharks to get this message out to young people in both the sporting arena and the wider community” – Steve Hackette.

“From the moment I connected with headspace I felt welcome, valued and encouraged. Headspace removes the stigma of mental illness and makes getting support during tough times feel less daunting.” (Sarah, 23 – Uni Student, Peer Support Worker)

headspace Southport has a GP, counsellors, psychologists and job and study support workers who are inclusive of all genders and sexualities. Feel free to give them call to make an appointment or you can find more information on the website.

(07) 5509 5900

Level 1, H20 Broadwater, 1/2 Nind Street, Southport, Queensland 4215

Dean - Southport Sharks and Headspace Community Partnership

Dean Bowtell, Southport Sharks CEO