MyZone Belt SSH+F

MyZone has quickly taken over the fitness industry as a convenient way to monitor heart rate, calories, intensity and time working out. So what’s all the fuss you ask?

A MyZone Monitor tracks heart rate with 99.4% accuracy and can store up to 16 hours worth of exercise data. It syncs with your phone and connects to our cardio equipment with Analogue 5.4Khz and Ant+. It’s waterproof up to 10m and lasts up to seven months on just one charge!

At Southport Sharks Health + Fitness, we focus on enjoying physical activity and developing a healthy lifestyle. This aligns with the MyZone program, which rewards effort, rather than fitness. A MyZone is ideal for all fitness levels, encouraging the user to consistently engage in exercise to improve their health and ability. The MyZone app allows built-in challenges, gamification, commenting and sharing workouts through social media- creating a strong, supportive fitness community.

Live updates are shared on the SSH+F screens, displaying your effort and that of those working out around you. The team at SSH+F love the MyZone product, integrating it into their own personal workouts.

“I love MyZone because it makes me go the extra mile during my workouts. When you see your heart rate rising on the screens throughout the fitness centre, it motivates you to push that little harder to get to the next effort zone. I also see my colleagues workouts on the app- we compete against each other to see who can earn the most Effort Points each month. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition and banter to get you motivated!” – Lisa Vegter (Fitness Centre Manager)

If you are interested in using a MyZone Monitor to facilitate your fitness journey, they are available to purchase from fitness centre reception.