Melbourne Cup Quiz

Everyone has heard of Australia’s most iconic horse racing event, held annually on the first Tuesday of November. But, how well do you know Melbourne Cup? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

  1. When was the first Melbourne Cup held?
    A) 1905
    B) 1861
    C) 1899
    D) 1860
  2. How long does it take all 24 horses to race around the 3200m track?
    A) Three minutes
    B) Five minutes
    C) Ten minutes
    D) Seven minutes
  3. Melbourne Cup offers the richest prize in Australian Sport.
    A) True
    B) False
  4. How much is the famous cup worth?
    A) $1 million
    B) $100,000
    C) $175,000
    D) Priceless
  5. Archer was the first horse to win the Melbourne Cup.
    A) True
    B) False
  6. Makybe Diva is the most successful horse to date, winning the race three years in a row in which years?
    A) 2001-2003
    B) 1999-2001
    C) 2003-2005
    D) 2004-2006


Check the answers below to see how you did! Whether you are a Melbourne Cup genius or you still have to scrub up on your facts, Southport Sharks has a range of options to ensure you enjoy the day. From our Cloud Nine event at Sharks Events Centre, to Cabana Bar & Lounge’s Garden Party, there’s so many reasons to gather the girls together and dress to impress! If you prefer to celebrate Melbourne Cup with the family, Frenzy’s has a delectable seafood buffet on offer while you watch all the live action on the big screen, all while keeping an eye on the kids!

1. B – The first Melbourne Cup was held in 1861, making the event 157 years old!
A – It takes around three minutes.
False- While the event offers a whopping $6.2 million, the richest prize in Australian sport goes to the Everest Race.
C- In 2001, the cup got upgraded from a measly 9-carat gold to 18-carat, increasing it’s value to around $175,000.