Events - tips to plan your wedding

Sharks Event Centre Coordinator, Lara Beazleigh, shares five tips for planning your perfect wedding day.

Stay true to yourself

Peruse magazines and Pinterest to create a look-book of things you like (avoid external influences!). You will start to see patterns and consistencies emerge that is reflective of your theme/ style/ colour palette. Use this information when meeting with your event coordinator as a foundation for your wedding’s style.

Being hands on

If you wish to organise some of your own suppliers for flower arrangements, photography etc, trade shows and wedding expos are a great place to start – look for people who support both your vision and budget.

To trend or not to trend

Remember your wedding memories will last forever. While the current trend might be neon colours, rose gold or mermaid dresses – ask yourself, do you have any similar items of this trend at home and genuinely like the look and feel? If not, maybe the trend isn’t for you.

Eat & drink guide

Discuss food and beverage options with your event coordinator, consider factors such as; have guests travelled to attend, already spent a significant amount of money? While there is no set formula, a good rule to follow is the value of the dinner = value you expect guests to return via gifts/ wishing well.

Consider everlasting moments

Once the big day is over, it is the photographs that lasts forever. Consider having two photographers on the day – while the cost may be more, it will give you a backup if you aren’t happy with one photographer and will also ensure all key moments with the guests and wedding party are captured.

Remember to breath and enjoy the process!

Sharks Events Centre has indoor and outdoor facilities to host a wedding and a team who can assist you.