Hayley Grace Bay Collective

You may recognise Hayley Grace as she frequently performs in Cabana Bar & Lounge at our Friday night acoustic sessions. However, she has recently taken a new angle and will be playing on our main stage with The Bay Collective in November. We caught up with her ahead of her first performance with the band at Sharks to see what we can expect.

We know and love your acoustic sessions, does your sound differ when you perform with The Bay Collective?
When I play solo acoustic sessions, I do a live looping show. Looping guitar, percussion, bass and vocals all together to create my own band. With The Bay Collective behind me, there’s no need for looping. I get to put all my instruments down and concentrate on just my vocals and dance moves. The Bay Collective is an explosion of horns, bass, drums, keys and a huge ensemble of incredible singers. We play everyone’s favourite funk and reggae tunes, as well as a few of our own.

How did you and The Bay Collective get together?
The Bay Collective has only just turned one! We are a group of friends from Byron Bay and after jamming in each other’s projects for some time we decided to all get together to form a super band. There are five lead vocalists within the band, who all have their own solo projects. Within a few months of forming we were playing on The Crossroads Stage at Bluesfest – it’s been a wild ride! The band currently has a residency at Brisbane’s Eat Street, where you can find the whole band, as well the four-piece all girl line-up every weekend.

What do you like about playing with a band rather than as a solo artist?
Playing in the band is about the most fun I’ve ever had. We spend every weekend travelling up and down the coast playing awesome shows, having crazy adventures, playing incredible music and I get to do it all with my best mates. It was a no brainer… though I do enjoy playing intimate solo shows, getting to share the stage with these legends is just too much fun.

What’s the best way we can listen to your music?
We are currently in the studio recording our debut album, until then you can find us on online on YouTube or Facebook.

Catch Hayley Grace & The Bay Collective perform on the main stage from 8.30pm on Friday, 9 December. As always, this show is free and non-members are welcome to attend. Check out what else is happening throughout the club via our What’s On Page.