Gordon McArthur Seniors Week Fitness Centre

We spoke with our Fitness Centre member, Gordon McArthur about training at the gym and being active later in life.

How long have you been a member at SSH+F?
I’ve been a member of Sharks Fitness Centre for about 18-months, joining in early 2017.

Tell us about your health and fitness journey?
As I am now retired, I find the group fitness classes and using the well-equipped gym facilities keep me active. From a health perspective, I’m type two diabetic so exercise keeps my weight manageable and assists in keeping my blood sugar readings to an acceptable level. I’ve also noticed I am more alert and I have managed to maintain a healthy weight.

What motivates you to keep coming SSH+F?
I enjoy the fitness classes. Sharks Fitness has great instructors who enjoy what they do and spend a lot of their own personal time coming up with new exercise routines for us.

Are there any obstacles and how do you manage them?
The only obstacle I have is related to age, I should have joined a gym years ago – my flexibility and fitness would be far greater.

Are there any tips you’d like to share?
My tip to all seniors is get active! So come join Sharks Fitness Centre, it’s a great place with friendly staff and classes for all fitness levels. The oldest member at the gym is 92 – so no excuses, join now!

“Great Fitness Centre, I recommend all seniors to come along and try some of the activities on offer. You won’t be disappointed.”- Gordon McArthur

Queensland Seniors Week runs from 18-26 August and aims to enhance community connection and inter-generational relationships. SSH+F supports a wide range of members from varying ages and demographics, and this week is a fantastic time to stop by as we have an Open Day on Saturday, 25 August to try out our facilities for free.