Emma, Lesley & Gavin Mother's Day

Southport Sharks has some amazing long-standing team members at the club, including Café Team Leader, Lesley Bartlett who is approaching 20 years of employment. She attributes her long career at Sharks to the amazing people and workplace culture at the club, always giving her a reason to come to work with a smile.

Lesley encouraged two of her children to join the team at Sharks for this very reason and is grateful to work alongside both Gavin (kitchen and carpark) and Emma (gaming).

While at work, Lesley enjoys catching up with Gavin three times a week on their lunch break. Lesley values having her family together and gathers everyone at her place once a week for a home-cooked dinner. For Mother’s Day, Gavin said “the whole family gets together and treats mum to a delicious breakfast at a café.”

“Mum is the best, she does everything for us and doesn’t stop!” – Emma

We wish Lesley along with all Mothers, Step Mums, Grandmothers and Foster Mums a happy Mother’s Day.
There’s so many ways to celebrate Mum at Sharks. Check out our range of events in Frenzy’s and Carmody’s.

Photo (L-R): Emma, Lesley & Gavin.