Charity Partners Gold Coast Hospital Foundation cheque handover

Sharks Community Benefit Fund donation supports the ongoing costs of running the Cancer Patient Transport Service through the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

Southport Sharks continues its commitment to the local Gold Coast community, through our charity support program, with $1 from each membership fee donated to the member’s charity of choice. It is with member and staff donations, that Southport Sharks has raised over $186,000 for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF) since 2011 when it became one of our charity partners. GCHF is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation who aims to improve public health education, research and care for the Gold Coast region.

Cancer Patient Transport Service

According to Cancer Council Queensland, over 3,600 people throughout the Gold Coast are diagnosed with cancer each year. This puts tremendous stress on families and support networks to transport their loved ones to and from treatment. If friends or family are unable to help, public transport can be uncomfortable and expensive for individuals already facing the financial pressure of cancer treatment.

The Cancer Patient Transport Service has been in operation for nine years, five of which have been funded by the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation. Three vehicles operate to transport patients from Coolangatta to Coomera, Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. The service operates 50-weeks a year and provides a way to and from treatment for approximately 2,000 cancer patients throughout the Gold Coast.

How Southport Sharks is assisting with funding the service

The dedicated drivers make approximately 7,000 trips each year for patients who cannot afford transport or do not have friends and family to help. Through the Sharks Community Benefit Fund, Southport Sharks CEO, Dean Bowtell recently presented Joe Hanlon and Vicki James, from the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation with a cheque for $24,000. This charity partner donation will go towards the ongoing expense involved in running the vehicles, to ensure comfort and safety for patients travelling for treatment.

The service provides peace of mind for not only patients but their friends and family. Knowing their loved one is safe and has a comfortable way of travelling to and from treatments serves as an invaluable part of the cancer recovery process.

If you would like to read more about Gold Coast Hospital Foundation service or fundraising events, please visit their website

GCHF Cancer Transport Service