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As winter approaches, we all know how appealing it is to skip a workout for a sleep in or to watch extra episodes of your favourite Netflix series. At Southport Health + Fitness we recommend using autumn to create a routine to keep the momentum flowing through winter.

Here are some suggestions:

Autumn weather is perfect for outdoor workouts. Use the cooler weather to mix up your routine and make the most of our city – running, bike rides, stand-up paddle boarding and nature walks are all great ways to build your fitness.

Group fitness classes
Training with others creates a unique energy, especially in a class setting. Doing a few group fitness classes a week will create a social aspect to your fitness routine and keep you motivated.

Keep it interesting
If you tend to gravitate to certain machines, change things up – we recommend trying our new boxing functional training area. Keep your workouts fun and interesting to help make your exercise habits stick.

SSH+F members receive a complimentary fitness program each year, personalised by one of our experienced personal trainers to suit your goals. Book an appointment at reception to get some assistance with further ideas for creating a new program.