Housework, paperwork, exercise, meal prep…each day, we are faced with seemingly endless tasks, and it can feel like we’ll never get any time for fun.

But what if you turned the drudgery into joy? What if a few changes to your daily routine made you feel in control of your day and allowed time for some new goals as well?

It can be done, by turning routine into ritual. Here are eight ways to do it.

1. Be organised!

Decide beforehand what you need to do and roughly how long it will take. Get creative and insert micro tasks into your day, like for example a quick upper body dumbbell workout before brushing teeth. (You can do multiple reps in just a few minutes.) You might find it helpful to make a list for your day where you can download brain clutter onto paper or into your calendar.

2. Train your mind!

Fill it with positive affirmations instead of thinking the same old negative thoughts. Good times of the day to do this include first thing in the morning, while driving and before you go to sleep.

3. Attach a ritual to your goal

If it’s important enough you will eagerly anticipate the ritual as it becomes a catalyst for real change. You might play an upbeat song while you clean the bathroom on Tuesdays before work, light a scented candle while you get that paperwork done, or enjoy a quick meditation before you pick up the kids.

4. Prepare your environment

Create a clear space for clarity, so you have no distractions. You can apply this to anything, such as cooking, studying or journaling.

5. Be prepared to make baby steps if necessary

Consistency pays off as you build slowly.

6. Be accountable!

This is a great tool to keep you motivated. This could be done with group fitness training or coming to a yoga class with a friend.

7. Accept change

If you are serious about your ritual, you are going to change from the inside out, so get ready for an amazing transformation!

8. Accept that you will have slip ups, but don’t be defined by them

It’s okay to have a day off or treat yourself to sweet indulgence but just don’t incorporate it into a ritual!


Once you start making everyday tasks into rituals, you’ll find it changes your attitude to them. Ordinary jobs will start invoking a feeling of joy and set your mind in a state of gratitude.

If you are unsure where to start with your fitness goals, visit the friendly and experienced staff at Sharks Health and Fitness Centre.  We have plenty of group fitness classes, as well as experienced personal trainers to push you towards your goals.