Sharks Events Centre How to plan a successful event

5 tips for working with your Event Manager

Sharks Events Centre Manager, Kristie Powell, shares five tips to keep in mind when starting to plan an event.

1. Have your information prepared in advance

To ensure your event is what you envisioned, be sure to provide your preferences and wishes at an early stage. The event manager is the communication channel to key vendors and suppliers, who will need to be booked and secured as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

2. Know your event basics

Have a basic concept in mind, including important information such as;

  • What you hope to achieve by hosting the event
  • Date (or range of dates)
  • Feel of the event – casual / formal / corporate
  • Number of people attending

3. Know your budget

Make sure you have a budget of how much you are prepared to spend and communicate this with your event manager at the beginning, to avoid overspending. Your event manager has access to various resources to ensure your budget is met.

4. Trust your event manager

An event manager provides up-to-date ideas and trends in the market, saves you money through established relationships with suppliers, and takes away stress associated with negotiations and logistics. Trusting your Event Manager will guarantee a smooth planning period with a great event resulting.

5. Enjoy the event

Having planned the finer details with your Event Manager, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your event. Leave the coordination of the day to the professionals.

To discuss an upcoming event with one of our event managers, complete our online form. Sharks Events Centre has event packages and venue spaces to cater for small and larger scale events.