GC SUNS Southport Sharks

Our Partnership with the Gold Coast SUNS

Southport Sharks has been a proud supporter of the Gold Coast SUNS since its inception.

The partnership has many benefits for Australian Rules football, including:

History: Southport Sharks and Gold Coast SUNS

On 22 April 2008, the Australian Football League (AFL) formally invited a group of Gold Coast business and community representatives, including Southport Sharks’ president, Dr Alan Mackenzie to form a board. The purpose of the board was for individuals to participate in a six-month process to demonstrate an AFL licence for a new AFL team based on the Gold Coast. GC17 was born.

Southport Sharks confirmed its commitment to its charter, its members and the people of the Gold Coast in 2008 through a 10-year Patron Partnership agreement in support of the proposed team.

The Gold Coast’s AFL side was unofficially born on March 31, 2009, when at the club’s inaugural player launch, AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou took to the stage and announced GC17 had been successful in gaining a provisional licence to compete in the AFL from 2011.

On 22 July 2010, after an exhaustive search and community consultation, the Gold Coast’s nickname, colours and team song were revealed at a gala function at Sharks Events Centre.