Play Jelly Kingdom today!

In the Gaming Room you will find the latest Jackpod game, Jelly Kingdom.

Play the Jelly Kingdom game on the Jackpod machines and if you have the highest score by 4am on Thursday 1st July 2021 you could win $500 worth of Access points!*

Entry into the promotion is free for members and it’s as easy as swiping your valid membership card at a ‘Jackpods’ promotional terminal. Members will be eligible for game play every 3 hours during trading hours within the promotion period. Scores will be recorded electronically.  

The top 10 members at end of the promotional period will receive the following prizes in Access Points:

  1. $500
  2. $250
  3. $125
  4. $75
  5. $50
  6. $50
  7. $50
  8. $50
  9. $50
  10. $50


Terms and Conditions Apply. Please note this is not a gaming machine, this is a promotional machine and is free to enter.