Through the Southport Sharks’ Community Benefits Fund, we are proud to have helped our charity partners, the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF), by providing them with a life-saving equipment called MEQU Warmer Systems for their Emergency Department.

This technology is vital for emergency blood transplants because when blood is transferred at lower temperatures, it can lead to serious problems, and in some cases, it can be life-threatening. This new equipment makes the process faster and greatly reduces the chances of complications when transferring blood to patients.

The lightweight and portable MEQU blood warmers allow emergency doctors and nurses to deliver a bag of blood, to a range of patients requiring blood in just 2 minutes, significantly increasing their chance of survival.

The CBF could not have accomplished this without the incredible support of the Southport Sharks’ community. From the Sharks’ members who contribute to the fund by donating $1 from each annual membership fee, as well as our team members who generously donate weekly deductions from their payroll.

As part of our ongoing effort to help those in need, the CBF also have a lasting partnership with the Red Cross. Our staff, members, and friends can easily donate blood at any Red Cross location. One blood donation can potentially save up to three lives. If you’re interested in getting involved and want to be of the Southport Sharks donation team, please click here.