Southport Sharks chief Dean Bowtell will sleep in a cardboard box to help raise funds for the homeless.

Southport Sharks chief executive office, Dean Bowtell, will brave the plummeting Gold Coast winter nights and sleep in a cardboard box to raise money in support for homeless Australians.

Mr Bowtell will participate in the St Vincent de Paul CEO Sleepout on Thursday, 17 June, at Cbus Stadium. The Gold Coast aims to raise $300,000 during the sleepout.

“Homelessness is all around us. The pandemic has highlighted the critical situation facing our country.”

“In the Gold Coast we are now witnessing a housing shortage. Families are being locked out of the traditional housing market due to a significant increase in prices. Plus, many of the income protection schemes have ended, subsequently, we are now seeing a rise in homelessness,” Mr Bowtell said.

Mr Bowtell aims to raise over $3,000 by participating in the group Rooftop Bars. He is joined by Southport Sharks board member Matthew Schneider, HOTA CEO Griena Gehrke, and Gold Coast Bulletin Editor Rachael Hancock.

“The Southport Sharks prides itself in supporting sport and community initiatives. We live and breathe Gold Coast sport and care for the community. Community programs and participation is high on our agenda and we’re proud to be participating in the sleepout this year,” added Mr Bowtell.

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