Southport Sharks Health + Fitness Personal Training benefits

There are many benefits to exercising with a personal trainer, no matter your age or experience level. You will see better results and live a healthier lifestyle, as one of our highly qualified, friendly personal trainers will create a unique workout plan to fit your individual needs + goals.

Personal trainer’s offer support, motivation + advice throughout your fitness journey, and they can accommodate an injury, or any other obstacle that might otherwise prevent you from exercising.

Quicker + enhanced results

A personal trainer will guide + create a fitness routine to ensure you find the right exercises to achieve your goals.

Push through the plateau

Everyone hits a plateau when exercising and it can be hard to push through + stay motivated. A personal trainer can explain why you hit a plateau + assist you to find ways to work through it and see results.

Make exercise part of your routine

A personal trainer can help you find ways to make healthy living + exercise a priority in your life. They can help you overcome obstacles that might prevent you from exercising, and help you set many small, achievable goals.

Lessen the chance of injury

A personal trainer will demonstrate the correct exercise techniques to ensure a safe + injury-free workout experience.

SPECIAL OFFERS Save money by purchasing a PT Triple Pack (3 x 30min PT Sessions) for just $65* – usually $135! Alternatively, grab your mates and train in a small group with a PT – the more mates you bring, the cheaper it is! T&C’s apply.

If you would like to find a personal trainer to suit your health + fitness goals, visit the friendly and experienced staff at SSH+F reception, or visit our new website to view PT profiles and offers