Judith Haynes Seniors Week Fitness Centre

To celebrate Queensland Seniors Week we spoke to some of our wonderful members at Southport Sharks Heath + Fitness. Judith Haynes has been a member for three-years and discusses her fitness journey with us.

What have you noticed about your fitness journey?
My overall health has improved considerably, since joining Southport Sharks Health + Fitness.

What motivates you to keep coming into our Fitness Centre?
The staff are great, and I love working out with my friends.

With it being Seniors Week, is there any advice you’d like to share?
I recommend all seniors come and try the Healthy and Active classes, they are great fun!

What has been the biggest improvement you’ve seen since training at SSH+F?
My balance and strength has improved.

Have family and friends noticed any changes in you?
Yes, my family say to me that I should keep going to the gym because they have seen such a positive changes in me.

Queensland Seniors Week runs from 18-26 August and aims to enhance community connection and inter-generational relationships. SSH+F supports a wide range of members from varying ages and demographics, and this week is a fantastic time to stop by as we have an Open Day on Saturday, 25 August to try out our facilities for free.