Blink 182 Greenday Experience

The Blink 182 Green Day Experience pays tribute to two of the greatest Pop-Punk bands of all time. For nearly a decade the band has set the benchmark in energy, excitement, musicianship and most importantly audience participation. You can imagine we had a lot of questions, so we caught up with the band ahead of their show in February! 

In the never ending realm of pop-punk, what is it about Green Day and Blink 182 that you enjoy so much?
Green Day and Blink 182 were the two bands in LA that were responsible for paving the way for Pop–Punk to be played on commercial radio and TV. What we enjoy most about the show is how much fun, energy and excitement it creates in a room. Everyone is there to have the best night, even if you don’t know anyone you’ll always make friends at the show!

What can we expect from your show at Southport Sharks?
A non-stop party of all the greatest hits from both bands. Expect a few littles surprises (for the mega fans) along the way. We suggest people rest their voices the day of the show and wear comfortable shoes – you’ll thank us by the end of the night!

Pop-punk is a pretty young genre, who attends your gigs?
Young people that are into Pop-Punk these days are into it because their parents introduced them! Most people that grew up with this music have a lot less hair these days and a few more wrinkles since this music first hit the airwaves 25 years ago.

We have had grandparents, parents and their adult kids all come to our shows because of the legacy and memories they all have of these two bands. There are also some acoustic parts to both shows but we don’t want to give away too much… the Blink 182 and Green Day experience is the perfect show that proves “you’re never too old or too young to have a good time!”

Catch the Blink 182 Green Day Experience on the main stage on Friday, 15 February from 8.30pm. As always, this show is free and non-members are welcome to attend.