If you’re busy balancing work, family and other demands, we know how frantic life gets! But ignoring your heart health carries a hefty risk.

Although the ideal resting heart rate sits at around 60-90 beats per minute, it’s not uncommon for it to climb much higher if you’re not regularly active. This means your heart must work extra hard, and can result in health issues such as fatigue, dizziness, blood clots and even heart failure. For men, a pulse of 90 carries a five times greater risk of sudden cardiac death.

The good news is that you can improve your heart health with some lifestyle changes.

Add some beans

We’re not talking about fancy meal plans, but simply including beans in your diet can have a significant impact. Adding a cup of beans, chickpeas or lentils to your daily protein intake could drop your heart rate by 3.4 beats per minute—just as much as 250 hours on a treadmill! So, try googling some recipes that contain these delicious and power-packed foods today.

Reduce your stress

Find a regular time where you can fully switch off. Disconnect from your phone and do something that allows your mind to declutter, such as walking the dog, reading, gardening, creating art, meditating or exercising. You’ll be amazed at how this changes your mood.

Move your body

It’s the tried-and-true advice that we all know, but exercise really is a key method to lower an elevated resting heart rate. Ironically, your heart rate increases during exercise, which causes it to beat more slowly afterwards. A twelve-week cardio program can support lowering a resting heart rate from around 69 to about 66.

Imagine what results you could achieve by combining this slight diet change with one of our personal training programs at Sharks Health & Fitness. Come in and have a chat about how you can make time for your heart health today.

Disclaimer: Health advice is general in nature and should be read as such. For any health concerns, please see your doctor.

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