Lionel Mitchell Mens Health Week

Meet the inspirational Lionel Mitchell, who at the age of 91 (yes, 91 years old!), still makes time to partake in a healthy, active lifestyle. We spoke with Lionel as a part of Southport Sharks Health + Fitness wanting to raise awareness of Men’s Health Week, which runs until Sunday, 17 June. The week aims to spread recognition of the importance of men’s health and the challenges that men in particular face in regards to their health – both mentally and physically.

How long have you been a member of SSH+F?
16 months.

Can you share a little bit about your health journey?
I had perfect health at the age of 70, but since the age of 89 I have been dealing with osteoarthritis around my right hip and lower back. This has heavily restricted my ability to walk and balance.

What motivates you throughout your fitness journey?
Trying to improve my walking and balance is a huge motivator for me. I have been overwhelmed with friendship and help from Southport Sharks Heath + Fitness members.

Lionel truly embodies the notion that it’s never too late to begin your fitness journey!

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