Welcome to the revolutionary, Inner-Athlete Program.

Feel fitter, stronger + faster than you ever have before.

The Inner-Athlete Program uses periodised programming techniques for proven results in body fat loss + lean muscle gain – proven to help smash your fitness goals.

Bring out the athlete within and unleash your potential with Southport Sharks Health & Fitness’ Inner-Athlete Program in just 9 weeks for $29.95 per week.

Inner-Athlete Program FAQ’s

What is it?

SSH+F’s Inner-Athlete Program is an opportunity for you to achieve goals you never thought were possible in only 9-weeks. The program uses a proven periodised training program, which gives you the ultimate environment to maximise your potential to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle. With the support and guidance of our reputable Personal Trainers, you will be educated and have instilled positive, sustainable habits that will last a lifetime.

Why should I join?
  • Conquer your fitness goals and see results.
  • Improve mental and physical capabilities.
  • Gain full support and guidance on your fitness journey, ensuring the sustainability of your progress.

If you’re looking to kick-start your training routine or have specific goals in mind, the lnner-Athlete Program is for you. For example; get fit for a holiday, be able to run 5km, lose excess weight or improve your strength.

How much does it cost?

Packages start from $29.95 per week, in addition to your standard gym membership cost.

What’s included?
  • 2 Bodscans (body composition analysis)
  • 16 different training sessions per week
  • 9-week periodised programming (proven to enhance body fat loss + increase lean muscle mass)
  • Exclusive workshops and seminars
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Access to our private Facebook community for Inner-Athlete Program members
  • Personal Trainers to assist you set goals, monitor your progress and record your results
  • Results focussed training sessions lead by industry experts
  • Discounted My Zone belt (assists with tracking your progress)
What is a Bodscan?

The Bodscan provides a safe, accurate and non-invasive measure of your body’s composition in under 60 seconds. A body composition scan is an invaluable assessment to help you set, monitor and achieve your goals. This is conducted by one of our Personal Trainers, who will explain the results and assist you to set goals.

How do I get started?

Register your interest below or visit reception and complete your application form.

The next Inner-Athlete Program kicks off on Monday, 15 October.


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