Kids Foodz Inc. Presents Bingo at Southport Sharks

Commencing Monday 5 July, join us for Bingo at Southport Sharks every Monday and Saturday.

Presented by Kids Foodz Inc. there will be two sessions, one morning and one evening throughout the week for your convenience:

Monday 7pm  |  Saturday 9.30am


$2,000 in XX calls (increases by one call each week)


Win up to $50,000


$500 unlimited

$2 Undercover

$300 in 50 calls or consolation

1x SET $21  |  Doubles $27  |  Triples $33

Get ready to yell “BINGO!”

Raise your hand and call out loudly on winning game. Always hold your card until a winner is declared. Once the caller has closed the game, there will be no more payments made for that game. Caller’s decision is final. Thank you and good luck!

We offer guests complimentary tea and coffee.

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