Sari Bell Larter Blog Post

As a community organisation, Sharks is committed to providing hospitality development programs for individuals to obtain valuable learning opportunities. The diversity of the business allows students to gain practical on-the-job experience in reception, gaming, bars, fine dining and hotel operations. Sharks would like to congratulate Sari Bell Larter on recently completing her apprenticeship and welcome her to the team as a full-time Commis Chef.

Sari joined Carmody’s Restaurant to complete her apprenticeship with training and mentoring by Sous Chef, Nathan Hay.

Sari, was becoming a chef always a passion of yours?
Becoming a chef means following my love of making delicious food for people who appreciate it. I’ve always been told doing what you love is never working a day in your life – so yes it was!

Did you have an interest in fine dining?
Definitely – it’s refined, creative and takes years of practice and dedication. Dining at restaurants like Carmody’s amuses the taste buds and makes you want to explore different cuisines and textures which is why I love it.

What did you learn from your training with Nathan Hay?
Nathan is such an admirable, smart chef. After working with him for six months, he has taught me a great saying “do what you love because you love it”.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
I wish to travel the world and experience techniques and ingredients from different cultures and taste the effect this has on flavour. My goal is to never stop learning and gaining knowledge from various chefs and workplaces.

Southport Sharks Human Resources Manager, Ann-Maree O’Neill has nothing but praise for Sari:

“We were lucky to find Sari who, for a young apprentice, came to us with great experience. Under the guidance of Nathan Hay, she delivered some amazing culinary delights – her signature dish being the delicate coral trout! Sari’s dedication and passion for her career, impressed me so much that we offered her a role as a qualified chef as soon as she completed her apprenticeship.”

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