Southport Sharks is committed to the local Gold Coast community. For every new membership or membership renewal, Southport Sharks donates $1 from the membership fee to a charity of the member’s choice. The Sharks Community Benefits Fund 2019 charity partners are:

Sharks Community Discretionary Fund

Sharks Community Benefits Fund supports causes aligning with the values and vision of the club. This fund creates a pool of money for distribution on a quarterly basis, to various organisations in need. Sharks Community Discretionary Fund allows the club to support local causes on an ad-hoc basis.

Southport Sharks Junior AFL

Southport Sharks Juniors maintains our junior sides, with around 350 participants starting at Auskick and working its way through to Under-18’s.  The funding assists in growing and nurturing our Australian Football League (AFL) stars of the future. Find our more on Sharks Junior AFL teams here.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

As a charitable, not-for-profit organisation the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF) aims to raise money to improve public health education, research, equipment and care for the Gold Coast region. Find out more about some of the exciting funding projects Southport Sharks has provided financial support to the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation outlined further here.

headspace Southport

Headspace Southport has been operating for ten years, addressing a critical gap by providing tailored and holistic mental health support to 12 to 25-year olds. There is a focus on early intervention, working with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives – to help get them back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future.

Sharks Community Benefits Fund Timeline


In its first year, $15,634 was donated to Hopewell Hospice, $17,842 to Little Souls and $20,051 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.


The second year saw the Sharks Community Benefits Fund raising $16,530 to Hopewell Hospice, $20,622 to Little Souls and $22,649 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.


This year, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation became another of our Charity Partners, with $24,175 being raised for the foundation. $22,893 was also raised for Little Souls, as well as $17,698 for Volunteering Gold Coast; $848 for Prostate Cancer and $695 for Hopewell Hospice.


In the fourth year of the fund, we selected Rosies Homeless Initiative as another Charity Partner, raising $18,994 for the homeless on the GC. Sharks also raised $21,595 for Southport Primary and Secondary School, $24,704 for the GC Hospital Foundation; $1480 for Little Souls and $976 for Volunteering GC.


This year, the Southport Sharks Junior AFL club were brought on board as a Charity Partner, solidifying our goal of growing AFL on the Gold Coast. The fund raised an impressive $24,792 for the Juniors, $23,859 was also raised for Rosies, $18,688 for the GC Community Fund, $1182 for the Southport School and $1252 for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.


Year 6 saw the Sharks Community Benefit Fund donating $23,318 to GC Hospital Foundation, $22,192 to the Southport Sharks Junior AFL Club, $21,384 to the GC Community Benefit Fund and $1655 to Rosies.


$17,410 was donated to the Sharks Community Discretionary Fund, which was created to assist smaller, ad hoc causes throughout the year. We also raised: $27,246 to GCHF, $20,589 to Junior Sharks AFL Club and $1048 for Gold Coast Community Fund.


In the 2015-2016 financial year, Sharks proudly raised $27.827 for the GCHF, $19,826 for the Junior Sharks and $17,453 for the Sharks Community Discretionary Fund.


Our staff and members raised $26,215 for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, $19,429 for the Junior Sharks and $17,622 for the Sharks Community Discretionary Fund.


We continued our long association with the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, raising $25,149 for them in 2017/18, together with $19,410 for Junior Sharks and $19,025 for the Sharks Community Fund.


In October 2018, we welcomed an additional Charity Partner, headspace Southport. Headspace are a national youth mental health foundation supporting young people aged 12-25 years with mental health, physical health, work & study support and alcohol & drug services.