Classes + Timetables at SSH+F

All levels of fitness and experience are catered for in every class we offer at Southport Sharks Health + Fitness!

Most classes are scheduled to run for 55 minutes, but please note this schedule is subject to change at any time. Please support the classes that you enjoy!

Watch out for special introductory classes, marathons, and other special events. 

We encourage members to support the classes they enjoy. We are now closely monitoring classes that have a member attendance of 15 and under on a regular basis.  Members are welcome to complete a feedback form and place in our feedback box.

For any inquiries, please see our friendly staff at reception or call 07 5591 5800.

Downloadable & Printable Timetable / Timetable Changes

Click HERE to view the Spring timetable.

Classes will change on Monday, 2 October for the public holiday. View the Labour Day Timetable. 

Group Fitness Timetable

Group Fitness Studio 1
Cycle - Studio 2

Mind & Body - Studio 3


Class Descriptions

BODY ATTACK High energy, calorie consuming, sports-inspired cardio workout which will push you beyond your limits. Designed to build strength & stamina by incorporating strong, simple moves with powerful music.
BODY ATTACK EXPRESS If you're limited for time, then try our 30min express Body Attack class! A sport inspired cardio workout guaranteed to push you to your limits & get results fast!
BODY BALANCE Flexibility & strength are built using the best yoga, tai chi & pilates. This mind & body experience is unique. It focuses on controlled breathing, concentration & stretching which will bring the body into a state of harmony & balance!
BODY COMBAT The ultimate workout with martial art, boxing & tai chi inspired fitness class. Unleash yourself in this fiercely energetic but fun non-contact class & fight your way to a new level of fitness!
BODY PUMP The fastest way to burn body fat, tone & condition muscles, using weights that challenge all the major muscle groups. Compelling choreography & pumping music that will inspire you to achieve great results!
BODY STEP Take on this class with the ultimate high energy cardio blast! Simple movements with an adjustable step that will leave you feeling invigorated & alive! Get into step with the cardio workout that will burn fat!
SHBAM Shape up and let your inner star shine for 45 mins of vibrant, unique and serious hot but simple dance moves! Get in the fat burn zone without the 'hard work' workout! The ultimate fun way to exercise.
GRIT STRENGTH Combining HIIT, power lifting, plyometrics & the latest strength & conditioning methods, LES Mills Grit Strength will challenge you in just 30min to give you BIG results FAST!
GRIT CARDIO GRIT Cardio is a high-intensity interval training workout that features explosive high impact movements designed to BURN FAT and improve athletic capability!

GRIT Plyo is an intense plyometric-based workout that gets results fast! Combining the principles of plyometrics and power agility training, this 30-minute high-intensity interval training workout will build a powerful, agile and athletic body.

GRIT SERIES GRIT SERIES (trainer's choice!) gives the trainer the option of which GRIT format to do! Strength, cardio, plyo or a combination of all three; expect high intensity and a full body workout solution in only 30 minutes.
METAFIT Combination of traditional bodyweight exercises with HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on FIRE! This is a 30min workout with all the commands of work/rest intervals to give you quick results.
Unleash your animal instincts! The ZUU is a 45min workout based on primal movements and animal instincts; it’s a combination of body weight exercises, including cardio intervals, strength-building and agility exercises. Suitable for all ages & fitness levels.
BOX FIT A dynamic boxing workout! Boxing technique & circuit drills in a class format. Expect to break a sweat!!! Please bring $3 for your glove inners. Available from reception.
HEALTHY + ACTIVE Low impact workouts are gentler on the body, especially our joints and can be a great way to improve balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength while reducing the risk of injury. These low impact classes are 45mins and offer more individual attention for those who may need it. 
FITBALL A dynamic and varied 45 min workout combining aerobic moves, muscle conditioning & stretching.  A great low impact class for all fitness levels.
CORE CRUNCH A 45 min class that focuses on your mid-section and will help strengthen your lower back. This class will challenge you & maintain a better-shaped core! So come get "crunched"
ABT ABT - 30min Abs, Butt & Thigh is an intense low impact toning class targeting your core, legs & glutes, to
strengthen & improve core stability.
CXWORX Short, sharp and hugely effective challenging 30-minute workout that consists of exercises that isolate various muscle groups to tighten & tone the abs & butt, improve functional strength & assist in injury prevention like nothing else.
YOGA BEGINNERS A slow-paced, gentle practice focusing on simple postures. Great for people with little or no experience, injuries or rehabilitation.
YOGA Unites the body, mind & spirit & can help with aligning posture & increase range of movement. It increases flexibility, endurance, balance & promotes relaxation from stress. All levels welcome!
YOGA RESTORATIVE Restorative Yoga for relaxation and restoration. A beautiful, gentle practice, characterised by long held postures of a restorative nature. For calm, peace and physical release.
A 90min class composed of Yoga movement to balance & align posture, followed by a Mindful Meditation
to unite Body and Mind together.
PILATES Create core strength & stability. Exercises to build core strength, support lower back & bring flexibility to the spine, hips & shoulders. Suitable for all fitness levels!
MEDITATION Meditation through the elements of mindfulness: breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit and fusing the
awareness with attitudes of mindfulness. Tap into your body’s own healing resources and realise that you
have a unique creativity just waiting to be cultivated!
A freestyle cycle class ideal for any rider and any fitness level. A great cardio and high calorie burning workout. This class will increase your fitness, endurance & challenge any fitness level!!!
INTRO CYCLE CLASS A great class for anyone new or beginners! This 30-45min class will teach you everything you need to know! From how to set up your bike, riding effectively & the benefits of this amazing program with an experienced instructor! Bookings are required!
High-intensity 30-minute workout! This class will get you results fast and make you ride hard!


The ultimate ride! A safe, motivational, cardio blast designed to get you into the zone ....FAST!!! Sweat your way through an inspirational challenge that is totally addictive that will get your pulse racing!


Ride for an hour to the rhythm of powerful tunes with an inspiring pack leader. This class will push your limits and feed your taste for MORE! The athlete within comes alive through this Performance ride!
TOP RIDE Not just another choreographed class! Three rides. Three Journeys. Three challenges. Experience a full class of Speed, climbing or full day, where both speed and climbing are put together.
SPRINT In just 30 minutes, SPRINT will challenge your physical and mental limits. A quick HIIT style of training that returns rapid results with minimal joint impact, pushing through bursts of intensity and short periods of rest. SPRINT burns calories hours after stepping off the bike. 

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Creche passes available from reception for bookings. 


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